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Signs of life at Peninsula Quays?

For a couple of years now, the largest and most unpleasant diversion the Thames Path between historic Greenwich and Greenwich North has been the Greenwich Peninsula estate - a 190 acre development, led by Quintain and which, according to the Evening Standard, is looking to achieve £1,000/ft2 for some properties.

Neither the Standard nor the developer's website says how many of the projected 10,000 new homes will be social housing or affordable rent.

In spite of the lack of development on the site, for several years, pedestrians have been diverted away from the river towardsthe tunnel approach, sometimes with signs suggesting that they use non-existent pavements or along pavements blocked by builders infrastructure, depriving us of fine views of Greenwich riverside, the Docklands and the City.


This is a suggested diversion to the Thames Path around Greenwich Peninsula estate

On a visit on the 28th of February, I noticed this:


Building work at Greenwich Peninsula

It looks like a new road or path is being built. It's split into two and, looking at the width of the lanes, looks more like cycling/footpath infrastructure than a service road for the development.

Could this be preparation for re-opening the National Trail along this key stretch of river?



Last Updated on Sunday, 03 March 2013 15:14